Train Your Own Dog

02 Nov

If you have your own dog or if you plan to get a dog and you really want it to be an obedient dog, you should really think about training it. Of course for the first few days when you get a puppy, you will expect a lot of trouble with it such as it peeing and pooping everywhere your house and also the chewing of your belongings. It is really important that you teach your dog or your puppy right away that this is not acceptable to you. Puppies learn pretty quickly but you really have to be very patient with them.

There are a few things that you must learn when you are trying to train your dog and we are going to look at the two most important things here in this article. One really important thing that you should always keep in mind when you are trying to train your dog or your puppy at is that you should always be very, very patient. If you are not patient enough with your dog, the training will never work and your dog will be really confused if you are not patient and start hitting your dog. If you really want your dog to learn something, you should be really patient with their progress in learning the thing that you want them to learn.

Another really important thing that you should also keep in mind when trying to train your dog is that you should be persistent. Do not give up so easily because if you do, you will never be able to really train your dog to do anything. You should always repeat the steps until your dog gets so used to it. You should also use certain words such as 'no', 'stay', 'st' and the like in order for your dog to catch what you want them to do. Use certain tones as well so that they know if you are pleased with them or if you are angry with them. A dog can learn a lot of tricks if you just use these two simple tricks. Being patient with your dog and being persistent with your dog will really help your dog to learn a lot of the things you want them to learn. If you do not know or if you do not want to train your dog, you can hire a Ty The Dog Guy trainer to do this for you.

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